"When it comes to the pulse-pounding world of real estate auctions, Tina Chamberlain has rewritten the script for success."


Apollo Auctions Partnership:

I am proudly contracted to Apollo Auctions, the largest independent auction house in Australasia.

Apollo Auctions stands as the indisputable leader in the auction house arena and with me as your auctioneer, you access a winning combination of experience, expertise, and innovation.

From residential gems to commercial treasures, my extensive industry knowledge coupled with my insights into market dynamics and buyer behaviour, I ensure each auction is meticulously tailored to your property’s unique characteristics. My ability to engage the audience creates an atmosphere of excitement that resonates with both sellers and buyers, drives competitive bidding, successfully achieving optimal sales results for your clients.

Ready to take your real estate auctions to the next level? Call me now and experience the difference an award-winning auctioneer can make.

Elevate your listings, exceed client expectations, and achieve unparalleled success in the property market.

Join us in setting new standards in the world of real estate auctions.


My passion for real estate goes beyond my individual success. I am a respected real estate marketing & strategy sales trainer, sharing my wealth of knowledge and experience with aspiring agents and seasoned professionals alike.

Engaging with me to train your sales team in auction and no-price strategies can yield a multitude of benefits. Firstly, the expertise of an accomplished auctioneer brings invaluable insights into the dynamics of the auction process, allowing the sales team to grasp the intricacies of conducting successful auction campaigns with finesse.

Additionally, learning no-price strategies enhances the team's ability to navigate negotiations effectively, focusing on value rather than fixed price points. This approach fosters adaptability and agility in responding to market fluctuations, empowering the sales team to secure optimal results for their clients.

The training sessions provide a platform for real-time practice, enabling team members to refine their communication skills and develop a keen understanding of buyer psychology.

Overall, the guidance I offer not only elevates the proficiency of the sales team but also equips them with the tools to excel in diverse real estate scenarios, ultimately leading to increased success in their transactions and growth within your business.

Charity & Fundraising

Giving back is a cornerstone of my career.

Having a pro auctioneer at your charity or fundraising event is like turning up the volume on the fun and fundraising whilst leading to higher contributions and increased funds raised! Leaving no stone unturned, I’m skilled at crafting an environment where the act of giving feels as enjoyable as a new year's eve celebration. My professional touch also adds a level of credibility and trust, reassuring donors that their contributions are being managed by an expert.

I dedicate time to understand your organisation's objectives and connect with your target audience on a deeper level. By uncovering what truly inspires them, I aim to motivate generous contributions that ensure the success of your event.

Item Acquisition:
While some organisations settle for any auction items, it's crucial to carefully choose the RIGHT items and the optimal quantity for your event and audience. I can collaborate with your committees to share insights on what works best, ensuring you secure the ideal items and maintain event freshness year after year to maximize fundraising success.

My services operate on a pro bono basis, representing my way of giving back to the community. However, please note that spaces for my services are limited annually. It's my commitment to contribute meaningfully while ensuring personalised attention to each deserving cause. If you're considering leveraging my expertise for your next event, be sure to secure your spot early in the year.

Let's make your charity or fundraising events unforgettable – where generosity meets a good time, and we all win!

Client's reviews

Tina’s enthusiasm & confidence in her role is very empowering. She knows the auction process inside out and has offered awesome training for myself & our sales team with dialogues and timing through the process. Who doesn’t want a result on their vendor's terms!
Can’t wait to do more auctions with Tina

Ben Moorcock & Anneke Evans

LJ Hooker - masterton

I have now been working with Tina for over a year doing Auctions! She is fabulous and I fully understand why she is an Award winner. Her knowledge on the Auction process is extensive. She pulls no punches and is only a phone call away. I would highly recommend Tina anyday!

Mandy Campbell

Arizto Real Estate - Gisborne