"When it comes to the pulse-pounding world of real estate auctions, Tina Chamberlain has rewritten the script for success."

Passionate beyond the Gavel

With an Extensive background in Sales & Marketing, in 2010, I made a bold leap into the real estate industry. I was quickly captivated by the fast-paced transparency that auctions offer. Little did I know, this would be the beginning of a remarkable journey in the world of auctioneering.

Driven by a passion for the thrill of the auction room, I decided to forge a career as an Auctioneer. This decision wasn't without its challenges, especially in an industry traditionally dominated by men. Undeterred, I embraced the challenges, determined to break through the gender barrier.

In an industry where the auctioneer's lectern has long been synonymous with male voices, I refused to be a temporary quirk. I’ve persevered, honing my skills, mastering the art of the gavel, and establishing myself as a force to be reckoned with.

Born, bred, and based out of the stunning Hawke's Bay, I bring a touch of adventure and a love for the countryside into my dynamic career as an Auctioneer. Every summer, you'll find me unwinding amidst nature, with camping being a non-negotiable ritual, I believe in the rejuvenating power of nature and when not wielding the gavel, I’m cruising through life on my Ducati motorbike.

As a music enthusiast, I definitely ensure I fill the spare time in my calendar with the beats and melodies of music festivals but most of all, family comes first!!

My world revolves around my daughter, my husband and my three blue amstaffs. They are not just family; they are the heartbeat of my life. Every success, every adventure, and every auction is a celebration in their honour.

Client's reviews

I have known Tina for many years through various auction competitions, and watched her auctioneering career go from strength to strength. As a judge in several annual REINZ competitions I have observed her skills in the auction arena flourish, and she is absolutely up there with the best in the industry.

When I opened a new Ray White office in Taupo in 2023 Tina called in to welcome me and my team, as she knows I have a strong auction culture within all my past and present businesses. As an auctioneer myself I understand the importance of the culture needed within an office environment for everyone to be on board with the auction system.

When we opened our doors and started doing auctions it became apparent that we needed extra help with our auctions, as the team became so entrenched with the process. We called Tina in to do some in house training, which was very impressive. From there we asked Tina to be our “On Call” Auctioneer which she has done ever since, and the team couldn’t be happier.

Since then she has called several groups of auctions for us, and followed up with some more “In House” training. The whole package has helped the team become more confident with the process, also ensuring the properties get sold. It’s not just about listing the properties, it’s about working with the listing agent along the journey to meet with the owners (in person or by zoom) as it’s also about getting them sold!

Thanks Tina, you have been a star, we appreciate all that you do, and look forward to working with you in the year ahead

Rosie Harvey AREINZ - Principle Officer


Working with Tina on a 3.5 week auction campaign was a game changer! She is passionate, driven and energetic.  Her optimism, enthusiasm and energy are infectious. Tina helped me with amazing dialogues and problem solving.

She has an uncanny ability to read people and is truly a master negotiator. I have learned so much from her that will translate to other areas of life. Tina made me feel confident throughout the process no matter what curveballs may have come my way sheis always responsive and ready!

Tina is a consummate professional! My property was sold under the hammer and bringing a fantastic result for my vendors.

I highly recommend Tina and look forward to continuing training and working with her and creating outstanding results.

Corrina Bunning

C21 Palmerston North

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